KURA KURA Japanese Casual Dining @ Haymarket

It’s been relatively a while since I’ve blog. Super busy with work, uni and all the other extra circular activities – SO HARD TO MAINTAIN A BALANCE LIFE! I don’t get how other bloggers can do this regularly – hats off to you guys. Anyway’s after with some feedback, I’ve decided to change the layout to make it all neat and easier to read. Really appreciate you all who gave honest feedback and the support to keep me going. Love ya all heaps ❤


If you’re indecisive and filling both noodles and rice, this is the option to go for! Had the dumpling udon (right) and fried fish with rice (left). It was always come with the salad, so that’s a bonus. Cost only $13.90

The Experience

I’m usually not a huge fan of Japanese cuisines due to its intense flavoursome of the broth as I believe it’s usually really sweet and salty, well more salty than sweet. This is one of the few exceptions that suits my taste buds. Kura Kura is the place to be when eating solo after or during the break from studies or work in the city. They’ve got a wide range of mains including bento boxes and sushi but I for one, particularly go for the HALF & HALF option. If you can’t decide whether you want noodles, curry or rice then this is the perfect option for you as you can have BOTH – how awesome is that!!! The place is relatively easy to be find as it’s just opposite of Haymarket City’s main entrance in the corner street and the sign is quite huge, so you can’t really miss it even if you want to.


Chicken Katsu Curry Udon – it’s a bit too soupy, wished that it was more of a sauce based rather than curry soup.

As soon as you walk through the doors, you receive a genuine hello from their wait staff and be directed to your seat. The place is quite cosy and when I mean cosy, bit squashed but that’s okay since majority of the time I visit is not at its peak hour – just so I could enjoy my bubble space. They have expanded to the upper level on the side of the main entrance which I have yet to visit, so not too sure if it’s more spaced out then the bottom floor. Music atmosphere is very cutesy K-pop or J-pop, food presentation is average but it’s worth the cost as it averages from $10 to $21 depending on what you get.


Taiyaki (red bean filling fish-shaped waffle) with green tea ice-cream. The waffle’s usually a bit burnt and quite sweet but you have the ice-cream to even out those taste buds. Costs: $7.90


  • Customer Service: 4/5
  • Affordability: 3.5/5
  • Cleanliness: 3.5/5
  • Food presentation: 2.5/5
  • Satisfaction of taste buds & fulfilment: 3.5/5
  • Overall experience: 3.5/5



Overall it’s not too bad if you’re in the city near towards Haymarket and going solo or hanging out with a mate. The small downside is that they do have an minimum EFTPOS spending of $20.  But other than that quite satisfied with the cleanliness, lighting of the store and its customer service 🙂


This healthy noodle dish in sauce with fried tofu is one of the best meal I’ve had so far in my Vegetarian days!!! Now that I’ve think of it, wouldn’t mind going back for it again.

Kura Kura Address: 3/76 Ultimo Rd, Haymarket NSW 2000


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